Benefits of Geothermal vs Traditional HVAC in Atlanta, Georgia

When you choose how you want to control the temperature in your house, you have to make an important descision: should you choose a Traditional HVAC, or a Geothermal one? In Atlanta, Geothermal heating and cooling has been growing in popularity. We are aware that this can be a difficult subject to address, thus, getting familiar with the benefits of a Geothermal vs. Traditional HVAC system would be helpful. In the following sections, we explain a little about how geothermal HVACs work and why lots of people pick geothermal energy, so you have a useful resource to look at when choosing the best option for your Atlanta home.

Benefits of Geothermal Energy

In contrast with standard systems that need fossil fuels to create energy, a geothermal system collects heat energy from underground and puts it to your building; it doesn’t rely on burning fossil fuels or using electricity in standard ways. When it’s hot outside, an underground geothermal loop replaces the hot air inside of your home with cooler temperature from the ground. Due to this, geothermal energy is extremely reliable; no matter how hot or cold it is outdoors, deep in the ground temperatures are constant – warmer than the Winter air, and cooler than the heat of Summer. This kind of energy is renewable too, so it is naturally replenished, so it’s sustainable and won’t expire.

Not only is it sustainable, but geothermal energy also doesn't pollute: it’s thought to be quite environmentally friendly. Since it is a renewable energy source, geothermal energy is unlike many standard energy sources, such as coal and fossil fuels. Also, it’s readily available, unlike different clean energy sources like wind or solar power. If looking for a sustainable, reliable heating and cooling system, geothermal is right for you.

This kind of energy also is a great choice economically. Right now, fifty percent of your energy bill is probably due to traditional heating and cooling costs, and maybe you aren’t even aware of it. Though there are people who think that up-front costs are a bit heavy, choosing geothermal energy is going to be a much better choice for you in the long run. This is for many reasons. To begin with, no fossil fuels are necessary at all with geothermal energy, which means prices will stay predictable and stable. Secondly, it’s available anywhere, and continuing advancements in technology are making geothermal resources more exploitable and profitable. And here’s the greatest part about it all: for every singular dollar of electricity used in your house, geothermal energy gives you four dollars of heat. In the long run, geothermal systems will pay you back big time, making any heavy upfront costs worth it.

You might be curious as to whether a geothermal system could even work in your home. Luckily, geothermal systems are very adaptable, enabling four different set ups. Whatever is best for you can be determined by looking at your home and its surroundings.

So, geothermal energy is typically thought to be environmentally friendly, cost effective, and reliable. Geothermal systems are able to be installed practically anywhere too. When it comes to deciding between geothermal and traditional HVACs, it can be hard, even after learning so much about geothermal systems. If you have any questions, or want to learn more about a getting a geothermal system that’s right for you, call EcoMech at 770-253-4436 today.